About Us

SLICE-OF-ART was conceived with the idea of “ Dream big, Work sustainably and Reach the SKY”.SoA was formed in June,2018. when mothers of two boys felt that going to school for their boys was definitely good for reasons like a daily routine, getting positive social environment, interacting with their buddies and learning various skills for life. But, what is there for the boys once their schooling is completed. What is to be done? How to keep them engaged and busy? What is the ABILITY that they possess and how this ABILITY is to be nurtured so that it becomes a financially viable proposition for the boys. It should be something that enhances their self- esteem, gives them a sense of pride and most important THE BOYS become successfully INCLUDED members of the society. Thus, came the idea of SLICE-OF-ART wherein the boys would be assisted and trained in such a way that conceive, create, develop and manufacture hand crafted eco-friendly utility and decorative items in the SoA labs. SoA today, is a platform through which several items like handmade paper bags, jute bags, handmade shagan envelopes are being handcrafted with unique designs by the differently ABLED boys. Decorative items like paintings – nature and life (in various mediums), decorative mobile covers, wall hangings are some of the signature items of SoA and the list is endless. In the present times of rapid environmental degradation, wherein, constant efforts are being made to conserve the environment SoA has also taken up the responsibility to spread awareness in the society to adopt eco-friendly ways of life. Thereby working towards and contributing to the global goals of sustainability of the United Nations.

# goal no. 2 responsible consumption and production

# goal no.8 Decent work and economic growth

# goal no. 10 reduced inequalities

# goal no 13 climate change

# goal no 15 life on land

# goal no 16 peace, justice and strong institution

# goal no.17 partnership for the goals